How to Use an Induction Cooktop: A Beginner’s Guide

Using an induction cooktop is relatively easy and convenient once you understand how it works. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use an induction cooktop:

Power On:

  • Press on a power button to turn on the cooktop.

Select the Cooking Zone:

  • Induction cooktops typically have multiple cooking zones or burners. Select the cooking zone you want to use by touching the corresponding control panel or button.

Place Induction-Compatible Cookware:

  • Induction cooktops require special cookware that has a magnetic base. Place your induction-compatible cookware on the chosen cooking zone. The cookware should have a flat and clean bottom to ensure proper contact with the cooktop.

Use the "+" and "-" touch controls to increase or decrease the temperature or power.

Adjust Cooking Settings:

  • Most induction cooktops allow you to adjust the cooking temperature and power level. Use the "+" and "-" touch controls to increase or decrease the temperature or power.

  • Start Cooking: Once you've set the desired temperature and power level, you can start cooking. The cookware will heat up quickly due to the electromagnetic field generated by the induction cooktop. The heat is generated directly in the cookware, so the cooktop surface itself remains relatively cool.

Monitor and Adjust:

  • Keep an eye on your cooking and make necessary adjustments to the temperature or power level as needed. You can easily increase or decrease the heat in response to changes in your recipe.

Turn Off:

  • When you're finished cooking, turn off the induction cooktop by pressing the power off or using the controls.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Once the cooktop has cooled down, clean it with a damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that could scratch the glass surface. Also, ensure that no food spills have seeped into the ventilation openings.

  • Safety Precautions:

    • Induction cooktops heat up quickly, so always use oven mitts or pot holders to handle hot cookware.

    • Don't place non-induction-compatible items (like paper, plastic, or aluminum foil) on the cooktop while it's on, as they won't heat up.

    • After cooking, the cookware and the cooktop surface might remain hot for a while, so exercise caution.

Remember that the specifics of using an induction cooktop can vary based on the manufacturer and model. Always refer to the user manual that comes with your specific cooktop for detailed instructions and safety guidelines.